Our bird friends are back and now learning how to forgive. In 2018, our friends will find themselves in more adventures and will learn even more about life.

Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do

Our three friends are having a great time on their adventures, but Joy doesn’t seem to be having as much fun.

  • What is wrong with Joy?

  • Who is JJ, and what is he up to?

  • Will Joy talk to anyone about what is wrong, or will she just keep it to herself?

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My first book, Flying Together "It's OK Really" is available now, and more adventures will be coming soon!

Flying Together
   "It's OK Really"

  • Why are 3 young birds being told by their parents that they are not allowed to play together?

  • Why do they play with each other anyway?

  • What happens when one of them gets into trouble and the parents find out?