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Be Still and Listen is now available at major book sites!


My latest book for teenagers is about two high schoolers that ride the bus to school together every day. These two friends separately

experience a strange sense that guides them to act on their intution in order to avoid danger. Realizing something more than just coincidence lies behind their experiences, they begin to delve into the world of psychic phenomena and intutive abilties. Join them on their journey of discovery to learn more about intution and how it works in your own life.

Be Still and Listen is available today at Amazon and Barnes & Noble or you can order it thru your local book store.

Showcase Books at Fuquay-Varina Growers Market, NC


Had the privilege to showcase and talk about my books. Had a number of people stop by and comment on the need for these types of books for children as well as parents. A few individuals even bought copies for their children and grandchildren and asked me to sign them. One gentleman bought a different copy of each of the books for each of his grandchildren. It really was a wonderful day.

Readings at Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School


I had the pleasure, again this year, to read one of my books to a few classes. The children loved that I read them a story that I have not yet published and that they were the first hear it. They had many comments about the story when I finished. Even the teachers commented on how excited the children were when they heard I was coming again this year. I really enjoy the opportunity each year to read to the various classes at the school.

A Robin's Heart is now available at major book sites.


Children today are being bullied for numerous reasons. In this story, we have to ask ourselves, "Why is this 13 year old girl, dreaming about a bird every night who is being bullied? What does this dream about a Robin being bullied have to do with her being bullied at school, yelled and screamed at by her mom and ignored by her dad? How does this dream of her's help her resolve her real life bullying problem?" Do you find yourself being bullied or teased at school or ignored at home? Reading this book could help you overcome your problems as they did for LouAnn.

A Robin's Heart is available today at Amazon and Barnes & Noble or you can order it thru your local book store.

Suburban Living Summer 2022


Article in Suburban Living Fuquay-Varina Summer 2022 edition



Today I had the honor of meeting some wonderful teachers, parents and other authors at the Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School in Raleigh, NC. After spending some time with the other authors and parents, who volunteered to take us around to the different classrooms, I was escorted to three different classrooms to read by book "Flying Together, It's OK, Really". The classes were combined grades of K/1 graders, 2/3 graders and 4/5 graders. After my reading in each class, the children asked all kinds of questions. In the lower grades the children understood that, just like the birds, it makes no difference what color we are, we are all the same. After I finished reading to the the 4/5 graders, there questions were more like, "How hard is it to write a book?", and "Did you do your own illustrations and who do you get to publish your books?" It was very obvious each class throughly enjoyed my book. It seems this is going to be the start of more school readings of which I am looking forward to.

Carolina Book & Writers Conference


On February 15, 2020, I was given the opportunity to be on a panel at the Carolina Book and Writer Conference In Raleigh, NC.  My panel consisted of three other writers of Toddlers, Tweens and Teens books. It was a pleasure to be able to talk about the 2 books I have published and all the other ones I have written so far.  At the end of the panels session, I had the opportunity to answer questions from those in attendance. So many of the attendees commented on how these books, because of the subjects, are needed in today's world. Children need to know about all these challenges they are and will be facing.  At the end of the day, some of the attendees wanted to talk learn more about my books.  Everyone agreed that there is a major need for the subjects of my books and how important it is for children to read them.   

North State Journal Article


Article in the North State Journal by AP Dillon.

Books Sent to Major Newspapers


Sent copies of my press release and copies of my books to The New York Times Chief Book Critic, The Washington Post Contributing Book World Critic, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times Lead Blogger. Article

2019-04-18 is a website that introduces families to various topics and subjects for children. They found out about my book "Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do" and wrote an article for their website on the book. In the article they explain to the reader that forgiveness is a sign of love and not of weakness, It's about compassion, kindness, respect and acceptance. Forgiveness is for you and not for the forgiven. Forgiveness will make you "SMILE".

Miami Book Fair International


Will be spending the day at the Miami Book Fair International selling and signing my books. 

Decatur, GA Book Festival


Was given the opportunity to speak and answer questions at the Emerging Writers Pavilion during the Decatur, GA Book Festival.

Kids Club Book Reading


Read both books to the Kids Club Book Reading at the Science of Mind Asheville Center.

Balboa Press Interview


Was given the opportunity to do an interview about my experiences publishing with Balboa Press, the self-publshing part of Hay House.

Balboa Press Drops By at the Body Mind Spirit Conference


 about author William McDonald at the Raleigh Body Mind Spirit Conference!

Radio Interview on The Mother Love Show


Bill McDonald is featured on "The Mother Love Show"

Author Reading and Book Signing at the Expedito Enlightenment Center


Reading of "Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do" book at the Expedito Enlightenment Center in West Palm Beach Fl. See featured guest author in Sarah Spiritual's children's class flier.

Radio Interview on Spiritually Speaking


Radio interview on Spiritually Speaking With Sarah on "The Talk" 95.3 FM

Author Reading and Book Signing at the Triangle Center For Spiritual Living


Reading of "Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do" at the Triangle Center For Spiritual Living, Raleigh, NC.

"Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do" Published!


​2nd Book titled "Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do" released thru

Author Reading and Book Signing at the Triangle Center For Spiritual Living


Reading of Flying Together "It's OK, Really at the Triangle Center For Spiritual Living, Raleigh, NC.

Author Reading and Book Signing at The Goddard School


Reading of Flying Together "It's OK, Really"at the Goddard School in Fuquay Varina

TV Interview on "Courageous Conversations"


Sheree Darien interviews Bill McDonald on "Courageous Conversations"

Author Reading and Book Signing at LA Retreat


Reading of Flying Together "It's OK, Really" at book signing in Los Angeles during a retreat weekend.

Radio Interview on In The Know


Bill McDonald is featured on "In The Know" on Radio Free Nashville, WRFN-LP Pasquo 103.7 & 107.1 FM

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