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What is going on in this country today? It seems like everyday, whether it is on the news, on social media, in the paper, or online on the news, more and more people are becoming fearful. It seems like everyday you hear about another incident involving racism or nationality degrading. It seems people in this country are becoming so afraid of everything and anyone who is not like them. They are so fear based. If the person or people are not of the same skin tone, nationality or religion, people go into state of fear and act irrationally.

When a mother or father holds their newborn for the first time, what do they see? They see nothing but love in the eyes of the newborn, and the newborn sees security and love. They don't see color or hate or fear. So when does all this start? Does it start on the playground when the child finds a new friend who happens to be a little different, whether it is his or her color or accent? Is it when the parents say the child can't play with their new friend because he or she is different?

Do some parents even realize what this is doing to their children? What if your child comes home one day and tells you they cannot play with Juan because his mother said your child was not like Juan? How would you feel, or what would you think? Better yet, what would you say to your son or daughter? Many times we tend to look at things from only one perspective or one side. Maybe it is time we look at all sides before we act out of fear or just being irrational or say something that we may regret later on or even for the rest of our lives. It's time to stop and think.

We all come from the same source, whether you believe in God, Spirit, Budda, Allah, or any other spiritual being. If God doesn't see any difference in anyone or judge them because of their color, nationality or religion, then what right do we have to judge others. We have NO right.

All I ask is that you stop and think about what I have said and think twice before you say anything to your children that might have an affect on them for the rest of their lives and the lives of their children (your grandchildren).


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