This country isn't moving forward anymore. We are moving backwards at an alarming speed and rate. People are calling the police over every little thing, no matter what it is. Instead of talking about something that just happened, they call the police. No matter what the supposed situation is, grilling in a park, speaking another language in a restaurant, brushing up against someones rear with a backpack, or selling cookies on the sidewalk. And now we have pipe bombs being sent to politicians and financiers, and the people who are getting these pipe bombs are people who are saying things against the current administration.

As if these situations aren't bad enough, we have a Congress who actually hate each other. In past years, members of Congress would disagree with each other on the floor of the House or Senate, but would go out to dinner that night. In today's Congress there is actual hate amongst many of the members.

When are we, as Americans, going to stop all this crap? When are we going to look at someone and not see the hate and fear within us and that person? It seems that the media and social media today have brought out the worst in people. It seems so much easier to complain about someone on social media than to actually talk to that person face to face. Before we speak or act out in hate or fear, we need to stop and look inside of us to see the love and kindness we were born with. No one was born with hate and fear.

We talk about how other countries are and say we wouldn't want to live in so and so country. Guess what, are we any better than these other countries right now? I hear people talk about how the Nazis treated the Jews. What about what we are doing separating parents from their children, regardless of the fact that they are trying to enter this country illegally. How would you feel if you went to another country and they took your children away from you, regardless of why you were trying to enter that country?

It's time to let go of the hate and fear and time to begin showing everyone love and kindness. This will take us so much further than where we are now!!!


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