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Children Need Books

One of the things that comes up on the news at least once a week is that another book is being banned from schools or libraries. Why are we hiding life from our children? They see it everyday on the news, on their phones and just being out with their parents. Yet we want to shield them from books that talk about everyday life. A perfect example is banning books about LGBT. Our children see it everyday and want to know what it is all about. What do we say to them?

My question is this —- How are our children to learn about life if they are continually being hidden from life in today's world?

The news talks about mass shootings, gay pride, gun control and other issues. What happens when our children grow up and face the world by themselves? They need to be able to read about life and not be guarded from the REAL world.

I write children's books about all kinds of subjects and issues that our children and grandchildren are facing today. I believe it is very important that they learn early in life so they know how to approach these situations should they ever come face to face with them, and we all know that at one time or another, in their lifetime, they will face them.

These books are not only for children. They are a great way for a parent to talk about a subject that their child wants to know about and how to approach that subject.

That is why books are so important for our children in today's world. So, please, before you talk about banning another book from schools and libraries, STOP and think about affect you are having on your children and grandchildren.


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