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We always hear, "out with old and in with the new". So what does that mean? As we approach the end of 2018, we start thinking about New Year's Resolutions. We decide —- this is the time to quit smoking, this is the time to diet and loose 10 pounds (or more), or this is the time to get off the couch and exercise more. I am sure that there are many, many more New Year's Resolutions that people think about and/or talk about every year.

Many people go to bed each night worrying about bills, finances, jobs, children, and many other issues. Some people even go to bed with fear on their minds. And still others go to bed with hate and anger on their minds.

How about changing all that this year. Let's approach the new year with a completely difference approach.

When you go to bed on December 31st, look in the mirror and see the same old you with all those issues staring back at you.

When you wake up on January 1st, look in the mirror again and see yourself as a new born baby.

You on January 1st

What do you see? Look closely, and see the love that all new born babies have.

See the smile on your face that all new born babies have.When you look at yourself as a new born, you don't see worries, or fear , or anger, or hatred, or finances. As a new born all you see is the love your parents and family and others have for you and the smile on your face is the love you have for them. You aren't worried about where money is coming from, or where your food is going to come from. You have faith that it will be provided for you. You don't see anger or hatred in the faces of those around you. All you see are smiles and happiness and joy. When these people smile at you and make funny faces, you smile and laugh.

You have the belief that you are loved and will be cared for. Well, as a new born guess what, you are loved and you are being cared for. All you have to do is have faith and know that God, Allah, Spirit, or whoever you believe in, loves you and is there to provide for you just as your parents and family would be if you were a new born. All you have to do is ask and have faith.

SO, let's all begin 2019 as a new born with faith and belief that everything is possible.


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